Ages ago, before the evolution of science and technology, there was a small jungle near the banks of Cauvery.

Animals lived happily, cradling with the love of Mother Nature.

There were no suspicions about the menace of deforestation or pouching; as humans were way back in their development, to be precise, lived in their Stone Age era.

In such a back drop, there lived a mighty crocodile which was believed to be 123 years old.

Such was his charisma; all the animals in the forest had huge respect towards him.

On a bright sunny day, Mr Crocs send an invitation to the inhabitants of the jungle inviting them for a lavish bash!
The creatures were overjoyed hearing this and obliged.

Finally, the day has arrived – the event kick started with a mind boggling symphony presented by our nightingale sisters, followed by a grant trumpet session of elephants and thus the bash was getting into its grove.

Before the curtains down , Mr. crocs took the centre stage and yelled in his deep voice – “My dear friends , firstly let me thank you all for making this day the most memorable one .Coming to the point, comrades! We are all aware of the fact that our place has been doomed by drought and agony during the scorching summer.

Many were strangled to death due to hunger and were prone to diseases.
Friends! To tackle this, I and my noble crocs team have decided to build a storage house near the banks of the river.

The whole idea behind this is that we can store our stock & utilise them when the need arises.

Exciting offers and gifts will be awarded for those who maintain a good some of their stock with us.
On other hand, we would be lending the surplus as credit to those who are badly in need of our stored food items.

We believe this idea would help us to restore our prosperity even during our trying times”, thus he ended his talk.

There were pin drop silence in the group. Small discussions emerged among themselves.

A kind of mystification persisted in the minds of the animals .They feared the chance of losses which might occur.

Deep from the crowd, came with a distinct feminine voice –“Hello Mr CROCS”- It was our Ant queen along with her army marched forward and conveyed their interest in laying their hands into this wonderful idea.

One seeing the epitome of Hard work themselves coming to join hands, others also gave their nod.

Years rolled on, this start-up by Mr Crocs was a super hit, animals started hailing him for drafting and implementing such a life saving idea.
Nevertheless, Mr Crocs has been a hero to his jungle mates.

One morning, Mr Donkey came to avail some credit from Mr Crocs.
One seeing the former attire, Mr Crocs pondered whether he could repay the grains.

Then there came a series of checkups and investigations undertaken by Mr Crocs and his team.

At last they paid the poor donkey only half the amount of grains requested by him.

With a heavy heart, the donkey left the scene.

Later on that day, the lion – rated as the king of the jungle, announced his arrival into Mr Crocs place.
On seeing him, the later was overwhelmed.

The lion roared in his high tone – “My dear friend – how are you doing?”
“I m fine, sir” – the crocs responded.
The lion then cleared his intention behind his visit.

He stated that he would be requiring a huge stock of food for his family function.

Without giving a second thought, the crocs and his team gave away the lion’s proposal.

The lion went back happily thanking his luck.
Months passed, the crocs and co were eagerly waiting for something or the other from the Lion.

To their dismay, nothing has come.
On enquiring about his whereabouts, they were shocked to find that the lion & his family have left the jungle long ago.

It struck like a thunderbolts into the ears of our Mr crocs – he stood there dump struck staring at his bill board encrypted with – OUR STORAGE HOME – for all .


Waiting for a change

She was standing at the entrance of our house and was expecting someone’s arrival. I watched her from certain distance as I was returning back to home from my school where am working as a teacher. To my surprise, I learnt from her that the long wait was for me. She is our neighbour’s maid who can be addressed as the perfect epitome of love and affection. We call her dearly as grandma. This wait was unusual and I questioned her about the reason behind this act. “Are you okay, drink water, please be safe dear, people out there are so bad” said the lovable grandma in a shocking voice.

She is one of the optimistic persons I have ever seen in our locality, but hearing such a dialogue from her made me realize that something abnormal has happened. When I switched on the Television, I was indeed dumbstruck to know about the heinous act that took place in the state’s capital. The shock waves startled our dear grandma and that was the reason behind her dismay.

A day before this incident, the whole world celebrated the International women’s day and it was me who was indeed astonished with the kind of progress which women accomplish in every field. In the lights of Avani chaturvedi, Arunima sinha and many more successful women, India is achieving heights when it comes to women empowerment compared with the earlier days.

But the question is, does this nari shakthi get adhered with only one part of the society and it’s a sad fact that the other section is still deprived of everything. One of the co teachers in my school posted a status in whatsapp terming that the women are still not allowed to go on the streets at night without any fear, so why do we celebrate women’s day at all?

Now I remember her post and after seeing circumstances like the latter in Chennai, it has become a great matter of debate, whether the women are safe during the broad day light. A man is stalking a woman just because she denied his marriage proposal. This is not the first time either let’s not forget the gruesome murder of a techie in one of the busiest railway stations in Chennai. The nuisance are not stopped with this, women are tortured to give dowry and that is another cruelty which is been imposed on them. Being an ardent fan of the great poet Bharathiyar, a time in which his thoughts and message on women empowerment is coming into reality, its really disheartening to see this kind of menace against women persisting in our society.

I believe, the solution for all these ill-behaved acts lies in an individual change. We often criticize the law and order and complain about the system, forgetting the very fact that we are the system. It’s high time to teach our future generation about the adolescence and its impact on their life. The gender equality should be taught in a right way and I think it’s in the hands of the parents and the teachers who handle the kids in their day to day life.

A child should not be viewed just as a mark scoring machine instead his thoughts and ideologies should be supervised by the parents and if they find their perspective being maligned, it is their duty to rectify it.

A day when our parents take a back seat and are stress free about their daughter’s arrival from their schools, colleges or work place is the day which we are all looking for. Hope for the best!!

Tale of a Sneaker !

Mr Murthy & family have been in Chennai for the past few decades.

This summer, his son Jai going to step into his 12th birthday & Mr Murthy had planned for a Galla birthday bash.

Weeks ago, he & his father-in-law had a lengthy discussion about the lad’s future.

Both the gentlemen has decided to send little Jai abroad for his further studies.

As scheduled, birthday party was a huge hit & the teenager thoroughly enjoyed his day

The poor kid’s didn’t know his joy would be short lived.

Jai hurried towards Murthy & gave him a tight hug & said – Appa! You know how I am feeling now?? Love you so much for making my day so special.

Murthy kissing the child’s forehead uttered the words with a heavy heart – Dear Jai kutty! I have another gift for you & presented the little boy a box wrapped with colour papers.

Like a lightening flash, the young man grabbed it from Mr Murthy & started unboxing it.

It’s a brand new pairs of sneakers…….. Bright & vibrant with splashes of new look designs onto it.

The very next moment, Murthy told his son that boy is going to travel abroad in a week’s time.

It was a shock of his life! Eye drops started pouring down his cheeks & he ran towards his room.

The whole night he cried .People tried to console him & he evaded everybody.

Two days passed, he slowly coming back to his own self .With that, the journey date has come .The little Jai has packed all his belongings & was ready to accept the harsh reality.

Hours later, the flight had took off & reached the shores of city of London.

London – The city everyone dreams to be in! Such a beautiful city with a rich history of culture & people to boast about.

Our young man reached his destination – A scenic Boys hostel with adoring amenities.

Jai reached to his room .He was told that he would be sharing his dwelling with four colleagues.

It took some time to soak into the reality! From Chennai to London. Great. A Journey has begin!.

Jai started arranging his things .A bell has rung & time to have his supper in a alien land.

Jai switched of lights & left the room .Minutes later – “Hello! My name is Hanna & I m from Manchester .There came a reply – Vanakam (hello in Tamil) I am Rajini from Chennai.

Puzzled! It a conversation between two sneakers from two different countries.

“Well Mr Rajini! Chennai is in India, right? – asked Hanna.

“Yeah, Hanna.”

“Oh nice to meet you, Rajini .Well what is that annoying odour coming from you .mmmm! You smell like a rotten egg .Please doesn’t mistake me! Kindly ask your boss to clean you on priority.”

Feeling ashamed, Mr Rajini didn’t reply anything. He started understanding that it wasn’t his mistake, but of lands he hailing from!

Yes.. Roads filled with garbage’s & filth made our Rajini a untidy shoe indeed.

Years rolled on & A letter from Murthy has brought smile in the face of our Jai.

But, a crying sound came from the shoe stand, It was none other than our Rajini .

Hanna enquired him the reason behind his weeping.

Rajini told Hanna that now only he has started becoming more clean & tidy .Again to India, brings goose bumps!.

But as the destiny goes, Jai & Rajini landed at Chennai.

Much to the duo’s surprise, the city looked damn clean .They can’t believe their eyes.

How come it is possible? For ages, India was havocked with garbage’s & all kinds of nonsense everywhere .But, how come this is possible ???

“Dad, Is this our own Chennai? How come this miracle happens?

“Dear Son, After you left the country our government has come up with a idea of – Clean India Mission(Swach Bharat Abiyan ) .

Everyone here thought it will be a flop mission, but there daydreams were shackled.

Youngsters like you had taken up this cause seriously & that’s the miracle happened in our nation – Our Youths have started wakening up from their Slumber!

Rajini, after hearing all this was left elated & was proud to be a product of this sacred nation.

If we youngsters believe nothing is impossible! Clean India, Healthy India!

Youngistan had brought revolution during Chennai floods & protests for Jallikattu in my city.

Pic courtesy : google

A letter from a hurt soul to his sibling !

Hi Dear ,

Your Insane act towards your elder brother, leaves him severely hurt .

Its been years since he started lend his hand for his adorable sister’s Sucess in tandem . But, he thought for a second, that the time has come for the bird to take its flight on her own.

The life ahead is full of unpredictable rough seas.

Who knows if he dies all of a sudden, the guy wanted his sibling to stand on her own.

Common life is a waste land, its our duty to sow happiness & optimism for creating flood of beautiful flowers around us forever.

Hope you understand ! & finally  my deemed request you not to hurt your dear ones with harsh words, it hurt them badly.

Cheers !!!!

Regards,Your brother

“We live in the world when we love it “


When the long and the short arm of the clock coincided, the nearby church announced that its 12 noon. At once I ran towards the radio but unfortunately I was not able to connect to it. The alarming menace in Chennai, then was obviously the current cut. I have to wait for another 24 hours to switch on to my radio to listen to that particular show
Why such a demand for the noon slot??

On a breezy evening I was seated in the porch, I don’t remember what I was doing unerringly that time may be I was enjoying the weather and slowly I heard a soothing music and I was quizzed up with the voice of the singers. I gradually walked towards my brother’s room and questioned him about the song. He told me that it was his radio and not him who sang the song( how could he think so??is he a good singer!! Kudos to his self confidence) jokes apart, I was indeed stroked up with the way the song was composed. It was mind boggling and self healing too.

Having said that, I learnt from my brother about the film in which the song was placed and he told me about that one person who is the director of the song. He told me” ammo, this man made our country proud and he is AR Rahman. I said “Okay so he is AR Rahman. Good composer’’, that’s it. This was my rejoinder.

I didn’t have android mobiles or anything to Google about him. So I made it simple and listened to his music whenever  free through radio. It was Wednesday and my school would give a compilation of news papers of that week.

One article about which our madam wanted to discuss with us that day, she told us that she is going to talk about someone who has brought name and fame for our country but behind all these recognitions there is a huge amount of hard work, spirituality, and dedication from him.

She even added up that he lost his father at a very tender age and discontinued his school for financial reasons and pursued a career in music which was not a cake walk for him. Struggles and failures were part of his life.

When I learnt about him I was awestruck with the kind of dedication he showed towards his life and that reflected in his music too.

To inspire a generation through music in particular, needs to be commended and he is a genius par excellence. That’s how the ARR magic got instilled in me and the radio station which plays his songs sharp at 12 along with the words of wisdom outspoken by him became a part and parcel of my life. Now when I own an android mobile I filled my playlists with his songs which heals me and a set of inspiring quotes of him which lets me move ahead in life.

One such quote said by him was,” if music wakes you up, makes you think, heals you. Then I guess the music is working”. No doubt, his music has worked out so well with all the generations.

The refreshing songs of roja, the awe-inspiring jai ho, the uplifting tunes of lagan, sensational Sufi songs and many more compositions would circle around the minds of every Indians now and then.

I am one such soul who got submerged in the amusing world of music in which i place myself completely in a fairy land where it’s all about music, tales, emotions, confidence and refreshing ideas. When all these emotions commit together in the form of greatness it is none other than the legend AR Rahman.

Nevertheless he is a champion in person as well as in profession. #proud ARR fan# Yes am a person who got lost in the fairy land of rhythm, tempo and vocal.

(on track, my ear phones echoing “hind mere jind” from the film “Sachin a billion dreams”, maestro master piece for a master blaster, most anticipated album of the year)


“What about you?? Why don’t you give a try?” asked my teacher.

As usual the answer was like “Mam, as I have got a frog in my throat I couldn’t speak a word “I said politely and even added up few stories about my wellness that day.

Mam was sceptical yet accepted my universal famous answer which people say when someone asks them to speak or sing in public.

But I have someone left with me who will be happy by making me cry (lovable ones) yes. That’s my adorable set of friends who somehow made my mam realise that the stories cooked up by me was a mere fairy tale.

Finally, mam conditioned me to perform on stage the next day. I looked terrible and my friends were on cloud nine as they subjected me in an undeniable circumstance imposed by my teacher.

But wait what did my mam actually asked me to do?? Nothing, but to do a dramatic act in front of two thousand odd audiences. I still remember that horrible moment where my legs shivered and sweat droplets on my skin running down my face.

Though I was prepared well for the day, I had a kind of unpleasantness resided within me. And not to forget the mind boggling advices given to me by my counterparts who wanted me to look at the emergency cross symbol of a hospital which is situated exactly opposite to our school premises. I was puzzled and accepted their kind words of wisdom (no offence)

The D moment arrived and with a great jubilance I held the microphone, which is what I know.

Seven years hence I am remembering that day and that very second which changed my outlook dramatically. More than 20 prizes, 10 medals, best outstanding student & a various set of certificates jodded with loads of love and happiness which were all garnished because of that microphone which I once offended the most. Today when my college mates, juniors, seniors’, professors appreciate me for all the compering, debate and mono acting skills; I rewind my past and the journey which brought me here. A skill once not considered being my comfort zone has become my biggest strength today.

Now when I surpass from my college days to the next phase of my life, I don’t know whether I would get a chance to carry on my skills further , but till now whatever pride I had received through this very micro phone I will cherish that forever all through my life.

It was full of an adventurous expedition altogether and those friends who unknowingly made me a part of this journey with microphone are very special to me.

In this part of my life one gentleman to whom I owe everything right from my awards, my appreciation and what not my whole life and that’s definitely my brother. That’s what I can say about him.

So yeah, even though if I get best moments in my life in future but trust me this journey with microphone will be the best phase of my life.

Will miss it forever because life has to move on….




“LiFe of Homeless Blackiee”_(StorY of an abandonded canine..)


With her rendering hands pampering his silky body,

And eyes showing a kind of lovable passion,

I was dejected yet happy with her act,

And amazed at her selfless love and compassion,

For a kind of mine…

I wished that this love for him should long last for years,

Because loneliness kills ones self,

Standing at the entrance of her house.

I remember my days of wine and roses,

The cute yet sophisticated touch of my master,

Overwhelms me with memories flashing faster

The cute little fights,

And the mouth watering dishes prepared by mom( his mom)

Now craving for everything which he offered for me.

I didn’t ask him luxuries,

I just expected a small shelter of my range.

But he left me alone in a world of darkness,

Hoping that I would survive with my sharpness

Was I been trained that way?? Sadly “no

Now am wandering like a disaster striked being

Expecting for a days meal !

And while witnessing a pet dog I wish they shouldn’t suffer like me.

I am feared of vehicles, the hustle bustle sound

Pple yell at me which I had never ever experienced in my life

They throw stones at me, it’s paining !

Am tired yet with the collar tied around my neck

Am wandering, still wandering,

In the midst of the haunting streets.

Expecting for a dawn in my life….

– a blackiess tale…

If circumstance force you to leave your most loved pets please don’t leave them on the road side..because they are not been raised by you like a stray dog….

So make sure to leave them either in a home or anything that protects your pet…

Because they love you a lot…..

Dogs are faithful for ages, but are we to them?

Jai hind..

PALS for Humans ! AniMALs

I noticed his cheeks being congealed because of the cold month of December…

Right there, he was curled and made to sleep separately. .

With his mom’s arrival , his ear tuffs got raised and tail started waving fastly….

A great jubilance was witnessed in his cute little face…..

She came up with a piece of fish and they shared equally….

We would eventually fall in love with their unity….

A well cushioned car with its affluent look thrashed his mother…..

With a weird dumbness he looked at his mother….

His whiskers became motionless and mouth started meowing…..

It was terrible to look at that merciless scenario….

He surrounded his mom’s mortal remains unmoved, but meowing at his extreme…

We may be emotionless but these 5th sense animals teach us the value of kinship and pure lust of love….

Let’s not drive our vehicles blindly…let’s make sure about these small animals which trespass our way unknowingly…

Save http://animals….To restore the universal balance….…

A Ragas write up! …

A green’ mother’s tale

That was a dark day. I looked up to the sky expecting a shower but it didn’t turn up as per my desire,so with huge disguise I rotated my head down.

Suddenly a rain drop splashed my shoot tip nd eventually it reached my lateral bud and on the way it touched my flower smoothly. I was delighted and started waving my hands with much excitement.

In that ecstatic arena one of my fruits fell down on the ground but it was unnoticed by me. Days went on, as I was giving a great sight and refreshment for all the visitors through my fresh flowers. I derived pleasure seeing them coming nd murmuring about something to me.

One rainy day I witnessed a tiny seedling which got emerged next to me. To my surprise it resembled exactly like me and I nurtured it with great love and care. To keep it away from danger I bided it under my vast leaf and allowed it to grow in a confined arena..I treated it as my cute little daughter sapling.

   My love for it reached eternity as i even failed to acknowledge that it started to grow..But one fine day I felt the need to let her know the world so that she can manage her fear and problems by her own.I started giving her the freedom nd made her grow ..she was happy nd everything went on well..

   But fate had some other plan for her..Disaster came in the form of slowly started to sit on her leaves without her knowledge and I didn’t observe it’s presence on her as I thought that she was safe.

Oh my god!!!!!my kid,within a day got disastrous with her leaves spotted to a greater extent and stems got faded away..and in another day she went ill and died after strong struggle..

If that slug wasn’t a part of my dears life she would have been the happiest person in the world

Now can I blame myself for being a plant or should I blame me again for giving freedom to my honey..:(